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The Ridge-Mounted Wind Turbine

The RidgeBlade® Wind Turbine is an innovative, simple and effective way of harnessing wind power to produce electricity. The RidgeBlade® adopts an entirely new design philosophy and addresses many of the drawbacks associated with Solar PV and traditional wind turbines.

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How RidgeBlade® Works

Using the existing surface area of a pitched roof, the RidgeBlade® collects and focuses the prevailing wind harnessing the Aeolian wind focus effect. This is where the wind is forced to travel over the roof surface and forms a pinch point at the roof ridge, accelerating the airflow through the turbine.
"The RidgeBlade generates electricity in a wide variety of wind conditions making it a quiet, discrete and effective way to reduce carbon emissions and cut electricity bills. We think it is what the world has been waiting for."

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